Meeting Dolphins

Meeting Dolphins: My Adventures in the Sea

By Kathleen Dudzinski


Meeting Dolphins is one of two companion books from National Geographic Books that tie in to the MacGillivray Freeman Films large format production DOLPHINS. The adult book, Dolphins, by Tim Cahill chronicles research by Dudzinski, Bernd Würsig and Alejandro Acevedo in the Bahamas, Japan and Patagonia, Argentina. Meeting Dolphins, written by Kathleen Dudzinski, is targeted to children ages eight and older. In her own words, Kathleen tells her story of swimming with dolphins to observe them and to learn how they communicate in the wild. Stories about the making of the film, DOLPHINS, are also included. The reader will learn fascinating facts about dolphins and be given a glimpse of the relationships between dolphins that parallel our own friendships and family relations.

Order Information:

Meeting Dolphins: My Adventures in the Sea
Kathleen Dudzinski
ISBN: 0-7922-7129-7
Copies of Meeting Dolphins are available for purchase through Barnes and Noble and as well as shops of museums exhibiting DOLPHINS.

With permission from National Geographic Society and MacGillivray Freeman Films, Kathleen Dudzinski is proud to offer the Japanese translation of her children’s book “Meeting Dolphins My Adventures in the Sea”. The file, which includes only the text and not the photos in the print copy of Dudzinski’s book, is available as a PDF download . We ask for a donation of ~1000 yen for each download of the nihongo text for Kathleen’s book. Donations
can by made via PayPal on the donations page of the DCP website, or sent directly to:

Mikurajima Iruka Kyoukai (M. I. K.) 
Mikurajima Tokyo 100-1301

All proceeds will be used to support research on the bottlenose dolphins around Mikura Island.  We hope you enjoy Kathleen’s stories.  Thank you for your support of our dolphin research.