Social Activity!!

I was in the water twice today! Both sessions were again with Stormy, Miss Merlin, Soca, Aunty V and Dot. The afternoon also had Abaco with these four dolphins. The morning brought great underwater visibility and social dolphins. The afternoon session provided more!

Ultrasound examination done in the morning revealed that Abaco is cycling and Stormy took notice! He was very attentive and also in a very amorous mood. Soca was also very tactile to Abaco and was rubbing her melon against Abaco’s side and belly.
With only two sessions, I was able to record about 60 min of data – an excellent day!

The afternoon brought a rain shower, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice – warm and sunny.
Until then,

P.S. Kel, from Bimini, will be arriving tonight to join me for 4 days of data collection …