Dolphins, sea lions, a sea turtle and a cat

John and I greeted human friends while we waited for the staff ferry to arrive to the ferry terminal. Annette and Kim are the directors of education and research and training, respectively. It was fun to see them and get caught up on events of the past 6 months. We also saw Fonzie, a dolphin trainer supervisor, and several other folks. It is becoming more and more like coming home.

Our arrival to Blue Lagoon had my eyes peeled and my ears open as I scanned the pools for dolphin dorsal fins. I found the boys (Jake, McGyver, Stormy, Goombay, Shawn, Salvador, Andy) in Pool 3 and the ladies split up with their calves and other females. It was nice to see them again. The water was blessedly clear too! I was itching to get in the water.

We set up the MVA and then reviewed the schedule for the day and week with Fonzie and Annette. I was able to get in today after the noon program into Pool 5. I recorded 25 minutes of Aunty V, Nina and Cacique, Missy, and Soca. Cacique is a bit more than 1 yr old and quite rambunctious. He circled me often. Missy and Soca seemed to delight in swimming up behind me while echolocating and then trying to stay behind me. 

It was a good day to be back in the water.  Of course, a full wet suit was required even though the water is significantly warmer than the coast of New England, i remain a cold temp wimp!

until tomorrow …



P.S. I was so focused on the dolphins, I forgot to mention that we also saw all the sea lions, the rescues sea turtle "Lucky" and the new cat to have joined the critter group on the island. Very animal-filled day!