Cold water

Jellyfish attack
I had an early morning trip this today – so much for sleeping in! The water was oh so very cold today – I am way too skinny despite my all-fat diet of the last few weeks. A wet suit is simply not enough – I need a submarine! Despite the cold, today was a good research day – I saw lots and lots of dolphins! Huge numbers of them. Unfortunately, they were busy traveling somewhere, and did not stick around to check us out.

Ferry, why do you hate me so?

OK, somebody out there was NOT keeping their fingers crossed for me. The ferry from Tokyo to Mikura was canceled TWICE, leaving me to sit on the boat all the way to Hachijo-jima and then back to Tokyo, only to disembark where I started and get back on again for a 2nd attempt. The whole journey took 30 hours (it should only have taken 6). The weather was absolutely terrible on the 20th, and there was no chance of the ferry landing at the unprotected Mikura pier.

On my way to Japan

I spent all of yesterday packing the equipment for this year’s research season on Mikura island. I’ll be taking two large and very heavy cases with me. Security personnel are always curious as to what is in the big black case. Kathleen’s big green camera is certainly a curious object, and I always end up being scrutinized by airport staff.

It is a 14 hour flight to Tokyo, followed by an 6 hour overnight ferry-ride to Mikura. If all goes well, I should be on the island as of May 20.