A bumpy ride and a surfing Tursiops

BIM12_T6_LoneTtThankfully, the weather calmed down enough for Wednesday’s dolphin trip with Bimini Undersea. As Adventurer headed out beneath sunny skies, I couldn’t help but notice how cheerful and engaging the day’s passengers were. As we weaved our way through the waves, I enjoyed my conversations and we all searched for dolphins. A couple of hours into the trip, most folks opted for a swim break, cooling off and reenergizing. It was on our way back toward Bimini that we saw the bottlenose dolphin. It appeared to be alone (although of course, it could have been within acoustic range of other dolphins!) and it appeared to be enjoying the surf. We had a quality observation from the boat for over ten minutes. This may not sound like much, but that is a long observation when dealing with a single bottlenose in this area. Often, when the group size is small, we get brief glimpses of their dorsal fins before we’re left scratching our heads, wondering, “where did they go?”

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