A dolphin-less trip, but still a fun snorkel!

After a morning of work and play, the Bimini Undersea boat “Adventurer” picked us up at Sea Crest and we were headed on another search for dolphins! It was a little cloudy at first, but soon the cover broke and it became increasingly sunny as the afternoon progressed. We had a small group of guests on board and so there was plenty of space to move around and look for any sign of dolphins. Everyone on board was eager to see something, and we all scanned the horizon the entire trip (even spying a decent sized sea turtle!), but the dolphins didn’t seem to want to be found today. We made a final circle and then headed to “The Bimini Road” (aka “Atlantis”) to snorkel. Everyone was dazzled by the abundance of life underwater — we saw a ridiculous number of fish (and jellyfish) as well as several barracuda and the usual sea fans and sea grass on the seafloor. It was the first time snorkeling for two of the guests and they were amazed by their experience. They came to see dolphins, but seemed happy with the underwater scene at Bimini Road. We would have loved to see some dolphins, but we expect to have plenty of upcoming trips, so hopefully we won’t have long to wait!

Until then,
Liana, Pam & Kel