NHK Film Crew Visits Bimini

During the first week of July, I celebrated my birthday and US independence, but I was also joined dolphin trips with Bimini Adventures. Although I was not collecting video/acoustic data, I was collecting our usual sighting data and still photographs when I could. On Monday, we started the day with a bottlenose dolphin sighting; there were two dolphins not far from Bimini’s shore. Later we saw six spotted dolphins, including Niecey (#48), Romeo (#10) and, possibly Noodle (#94). We had a great underwater observation of Split Jaw (#22) and an uncatalogued young male spotted. On Tuesday, it was a pair of young spotted dolphins, including un-named #95. Wednesday, there were again bottlenose dolphins early in the trip. We observed this group of three while they were crater feeding before continuing in search of spotteds. The spotteds we found were all older, including un-named #75, but they were more interested in surfing the swells than checking us out under water. The final trip of the week, Thursday, was beautiful, although the underwater visibility varied greatly depending on our location. On this day, female spotted dolphins dominated our sightings!

It was a pleasure accompanying this NHK crew. Thank you!