A rare double duty day!

BIM12_T25_TtcalfAfter a week of wind, rain and more wind thing finally cleared up on Thursday (28th June) for us to go in search of dolphins. Although we were not in Tropical Storm Debby’s path, the surrounding weather pattern did make June seem more like January. The group’s patience was rewarded on Thursday and Bimini Undersea took the group out for two dolphin trips (an uncommon practice, to be sure we give the dolphins ample time away from the boat and our interactions). The morning trip included a long awaited dolphin sighting. Although we did not get to swim with these dolphins, we got incredible views of a group of at least 13 bottlenose dolphins. They came surprisingly close to the boat as they swam in a fairly close formation. We took a break for lunch and headed back in search of dolphins later in the afternoon. This trip brought more bottlenose dolphins: first, a single bottlenose and later, three to five bottlenose, including a mother/calf pair! The calf is pictured here.

It was so nice to get on the water after so many days on shore!
Until tomorrow,