Two countries, Two species (3 if we count ourselves!)

BIM12_T16_ID022DCP’s Field Course in Ethological Studies, with Georgetown College, is officially underway! The group started the program in Florida on Sunday with a simple layover before departing for Bimini on Monday morning. The plane to Bimini was the smallest that many of us had ever been on. From the air we could see how clear the water is – and how small Bimini is!

After we settled in, ate lunch and had an orientation we headed in search of dolphins. It was a very rewarding first day on the boat. On the way out we saw rays in the harbor and as we traveled, we saw flying fish. Our first sighting was of bottlenose dolphins and they were investigating and digging in the sand. There was a calf in the group. We also saw a nurse shark! We could hear the clicks and whistles underwater. Our second sighting was of Atlantic spotted dolphins and these were chasing fish. Some dolphins rode the bow and one was even belly up while doing it. It was very cool that wild dolphins came so close to us, despite not being trained. We even got to use underwater cameras. Later, the dolphins were surfing in the boat wakes – both in the stern and on the bow. By the end of the day we had seen Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Split Jaw (#22, pictured here), Swoosh (#36), Prince William (#64), Tim (#69), Noodle (#94), in addition to all the bottlenose dolphins. The sunset on the ride back was beautiful and we came home to a nice BBQ on the dock.

Until next time,
The 2012 Ethology and Eco-Tour Crew