Wrap up in GHC and back to Bimini

Saturday and Sunday were my last full days in Great Harbour Cay. On Saturday Kendria and I took theRita_GHC_11May12 tracking equipment on the boat and were joined by GHC’s nurse and all-around-great-lady so that we could train her to use the equipment to help monitor Rita & Georgie next month. The signals were intermittent, suggesting that the pair might be resting and therefore submerging their tags frequently. We found them in the “T” canal, choosing to leave them undisturbed after we confirmed their location visually.

On Sunday we were on the boat again, picking up signals, but not getting a visual on the pair this time. I did get a chance to swim over my first “blue hole,” a small one close to shore. Visibility was limited so I was too chicken to explore too much!

On Monday, I said goodbye to Kendria, the manatees and Great Harbour Cay. It was time to get back to Bimini to prepare for next week’s field course/eco-tour program. It’s going to be another busy one, so stay tuned for field reports from the students!

Until then,

PS: Here is a photo of Rita from Friday.