Dolphins on the move!

Monday brought with it a last minute dolphin trip. As I waited on the dock for Bimini Undersea, I saw the rain clouds creeping in. Sure enough there was a shower, but it did nothing more than delay us. Soon we were departing the harbor under sunny skies. We did not have to wait too long and there they were – dolphins splashing in the distance. As we got closer we realized we were watching bottlenose dolphins. It was difficult to get an accurate count of how many there were – they were zipping all over the place, not keeping any particular direction or pattern. Suddenly we weren’t watching bottlenose dolphins – we were watching spotteds! We saw Swoosh (#36) and her older calf as well as a juvenile. The youngsters occasionally came to the boat, but overall, these dolphins were not too interested in us. A bit later, we saw more spotteds, including Tilly (#87) and un-named #93 and #95. I think that Cerra (#38) and her calf might have been there, but I wasn’t able to get a good enough look to be sure. We did get a quick, friendly look at #95 and another juvenile. It was great!