Better luck next time (we hope)

Wednesday was day one of the University of New Brunswick’s field course. The “new” students were scheduled to depart Fort Lauderdale, FL at 9:30 a.m., but did not depart until 11:30 – because the pilot decided that was a better time for him. The other half of the class was already on Bimini having just completed a course at the Shark Lab. We set up and had lunch, followed by orientation. At 1517, we departed the dock. The sea conditions were a bit rough, leaving some students a bit green (some a bit more). We spent about four hours at sea, but the only sightings were of eagle rays and flying fish – and a possible dorsal fin. It might have been a dolphin, but it did not show itself again. Upon returning to the dock, we saw three nurse sharks, one big bull shark, tarpon and two southern sting rays. We washed up for supper, ate and then talked about the day and sampling methods. As Canadians, we are all keeping tabs on the NHL playoffs; some of us are happier than other (and Kel has no idea what’s going on).

Tomorrow we will see dolphins! After class of course….

Until then,
Kel & the UNBSJ crew