A late-season dolphin trip – yippee!

So, I had been wondering when we would get on the ocean after the outskirts of Hurricane Irene passed through. But, thankfully, Bimini Undersea got a trip together on Saturday! I very much enjoyed my time with the day’s passengers – and of course, the dolphins.

We departed feeling a bit uncertain about the weather. A few squalls had passed through earlier in the day and yesterday afternoon included a fierce thunderstorm. But, as far as we could tell the skies ahead were clear; and we were hoping they would stay that way!

Sure enough, they did and the dolphins came surfing by. At first, there were only two and we couldn’t keep them in view. We didn’t give up though and soon we five, six…nine dolphins! Although the underwater visibility was quite poor for Bimini, the dolphins came so close it did not matter. In the group we saw Cerra (#38, with her calf), Trudy (#57, likely with a calf too), Addie (#84) and un-named #43 and #93. I’m not sure what was going on between Trudy and Addie though – they were being quite feisty with each other!

Until next time,