Another boat & data day

BIM11_T59_SurfingTtSaturday began with a casual meeting to go over the DCP presentation that the interns will give to the Shedd Aquarium’s Teacher Field Experience early next week. It was a great way to remind or introduce dolphin facts and Bimini anecdotes to the team. As the interns continued to work on data projects – today included bottlenose ID and pectoral fin event sampling – Kel left on the final dolphin trip of the week. The human group was small and so was the dolphin group, but we all enjoyed the surfing show given by four bottlenose dolphins. They even showed some interest in the bow of the boat, which is not very common for the bottlenose dolphins in this area. We continued to search throughout the late afternoon and were greeted by an excited calf who was very interested in the bow! We could see another dolphin in the distance and although that dolphin did not come close to the boat, we suspect it was mom. The bow ride was a great way to end the day!

Until next time,
Kel, Alexis, Brittany & Sabena