Calm seas and even a few dolphins

Friday was double duty once again with the DCP team split between two boats. Kel headed out first and the small group of humans was thoroughly enjoying the flat seas and endless sunshine. The first dolphins to greet us were young and included, we think, ID#094. The two were not physically interacting much, but possible-ID#094 did appear a bit agitated. This is understandably so as she had a small, but fresh wound on her left side. Since they were not interested in swimming with us, we continued on. Throughout the day we saw various Atlantic spotted dolphins, generally in pairs and generally focused on their own agenda. We did see several curious calves under water as well as mom, Juliette (#12). We also saw Trudy (#57) from the boat when a larger group finally passed through. Kel was even able to record a few minutes of underwater video with the MVA!

Alexis and Brittany left around 15:48 after a brief sprinkle of rain swept over Bimini. We found a small group of about 3 spotted dolphins including a mom and calf pair at 17:37. We followed them around, watching the calf get very close to the boat. The calf even did some jumps and tail slaps to show off for us. After we followed them for almost an hour we figured we would try to get in with them, but it seemed that they were less interested in us than we were in them. After we got back on the boat, we continued to follow them for a bit and then decided it was time to head back into shore. Dolphin trips continue through the weekend, so here’s to hoping they continue to be dolphin-filled!

Thanks to Bimini Undersea and Sea Crest Hotel & Marina for a fantastic week. We always enjoy the chance to join their trips – and meet their amazing passengers!

Until then,
Alexis, Brittany, and Kel