One day, two reports?

Wednesday was a busy day with a double header of dolphin trips. And we weren’t able to avoid rain during either one! Our morning trip had us in full searchBIM11_T38_SfcalfLPG mode, wondering if the dolphins would show up. We have so few morning trips, that we never know what to expect (well, even more so than afternoon trips!). But, finally, we did see them! Speedy (#78) and Tilly (#87) were definitely there and I think Tim (#69) and Joanne (#86) may have been as well. We had three sightings overall and the passengers were able to get in a few times for a quick look. They reported having seen Lone Star (#56) and un-named #93 as well! We were back to the dock shortly after 1300 in time for a quick lunch break and swimsuit change before the afternoon trip!

In the afternoon we did not require quite as much patience. We also were near dolphins almost the entire afternoon – until a large squall sent us heading for the dock a little early. They were very busy traveling south and only occasionally interested in us, but I did record some cool behavior between two adults (including Lone Star, #56), two juveniles (including un-named #89 and possibly #94) and two calves. They were being a bit goofy – hanging vertically in the water, at the surface, and being very tactile! We also saw Juliette (#12) and Split Jaw (#22); it seemed like dolphins were everywhere! The calves were very active and often leapt out of the water, as shown here. Toward the end of the day, we were mainly watching the dolphins from the boat – when suddenly the crew on the bow shouted that a hammerhead was passing through! The dolphins did not change their behavior in any obvious manner. So cool!

One more trip tomorrow, to round out the week!

Until then,