Two days. One report.

Monday’s dolphin trip began with a turtle sighting and a glimpse of (three?) bottlenose dolphins. Then there was a lot of searching….and searching…and searching. Close to home, late in the day, when all hope was lost, we saw them! Three youngsters, including un-named #93 came rushing to the boat.  Thirteen minutes into the sighting, the mother-load arrived! There were over 20 dolphins in total, but since many did not come close to my spot on the boat, I was only able to ID Addie (#84) and Tilly (#87). There were two tiny calves though and I’m dying to know who they belong to!

Tuesday’s dolphin trip was marred by squalls, but it was still a great day. We began with a snorkel stop at ‘3 Sisters’ where everyone saw a variety of fish and got more comfortable with their snorkel gear. We had to retreat temporarily and wait out two squalls, but soon we were back, searching for dolphins. First we saw a few scattered bottlenose dolphins, but they showed little interest in us. The heavy cloud cover was also making it very difficult to see the dolphins from the boat. But, thankfully, and once again at the 11th hour, the spotteds arrived! Over the course of the sighting, we saw Split Jaw (#22), Lil’ Jess (#35 – and calf!), Prince William (#64), Speedy (#78) and Tilly (#87). I think Tt06 was right there in the mix of things and soon there were no spotteds in view. Rather, we saw a group of at least 13 bottlenose dolphins, including perhaps, Tt28. I’ll need to review the video to confirm.

Tomorrow there are two trips scheduled, a rare double header. My fingers are crossed for clearer skies!

Until then,