SCS Team says “goodbye” to Bimini

On Thursday morning, we continued to review still photographs of bottlenose dolphins – and we got to check out the video footage collected on Tuesday’s dolphin trip. We sorted more images of Tt15 and suspect that Tt31 may have also been present. In Wednesday’s photographs we all agreed the that distinct individual, whose photograph was included in our last field report, is in fact Tt26. That means that Tt26 has been seen at least once in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Now if only we knew if Tt26 was male or female… 

In the afternoon we began our final dolphin trip of the week. The seas continued to be choppy and we were also dealing with scattered squalls in the area. As our captain kept his eyes on the storm clouds, we kept our eyes open for dolphins. Unfortunately we were not able to end the week with a dolphin sighting, but it was great to be out looking. 

We came back to the dock just before a small squall passed and then headed out for a group dinner. It was wonderful (thanks guys!). This morning, we all met for one last time before the SCS team headed to the airport. 

DCP would like to give a big thank you to everyone at the Swiss Cetacean Society for helping to organize this trip – and of course, the enthusiastic participants – Thank you! 

Until next time,

Kel & the SCS Team