Welcome SCS!

Bimini 2010_T80_TtRakeMarksOn Sunday morning, three members of the Swiss Cetacean Society arrived in Bimini. After settling into the Sea Crest Hotel & Marina, we left the dock in search of dolphins. It has been very windy here in Bimini so we were not sure how much time we would be able to spend in search of dolphins. About an hour into the boat trip, the participants hopped in the warm sea to test their snorkel gear and practice getting on and off the boat. We continued looking for dolphins and before we knew it, there they were! A group of bottlenose dolphins circled before clearly traveling north. There seemed to be two separate groups, but they were all headed north. We got a good number of dorsal fin photographs suitable for photo-ID, including this dolphin whose peduncle is covered in rake marks!  

Monday morning began with a casual lecture and Q&A session. The participants have many great questions and ideas – thank you! We’ll try another boat trip in the afternoon! 

Until then,

Kel & 2010 SCS Participants