A wild weather week

Bimini2010_T75_CalmBiminiThis field report is a wrap up for the last of this year’s scheduled dolphin weeks with Bill & Nowdla Keefe’s Wild Dolphin Adventures. We had a small, but enthusiastic group of passengers who, among other qualities, was thankfully very patient. Our first trip was scheduled to be Sunday, but the frequent squalls kept us at the dock. On Monday, we headed into the wind, hoping for some better luck. Unfortunately, a new squall built up and crossed our path, sending us back to the safety of the dock. On Tuesday, we were able to spend much more time looking for dolphins, but had to remain close to shore as the seas continued to be unfavorable. While we were all wishing for calmer, sunnier weather, we also knew that this weather system was exactly what was keeping the fierce Hurricane Earl away from our shores; and for that, we were grateful. On Wednesday, we looked for dolphins close to Bimini and then headed south to Turtle Rocks for some snorkel time. Everyone enjoyed getting wet and seeing lots fish, rays and even a turtle!  

By Thursday everyone, myself included, was ready for the picturesque Bimini we all know and love. Thankfully, we got it (see picture)! It is amazing how quickly the weather can change (in either direction!), but we spent some extra time on the boat, in the sun and the gentler breeze, looking for dolphins. Although we still had to be patient, we did see them! Late in the day, we got a visit from White Blotch (#29), her un-named 6-year old calf, #94 and another un-named calf (not sure who it belongs to!). After a bow ride, we geared up and gently hopped in the water. The youngsters were very interested in the people, with lots of circle swims and some whistling. At couple different points we saw more adult dolphins passing by on the periphery. It was a great way to the end bumpy week! In fact, we even saw two bottlenose dolphins, as the sun was setting, on our way home… 

Until next time,