Good dolphins come to those who wait

Bimini2010_T41_Leslie080After saying goodbye to the 2010 DCP DRTs, Friday was spent cleaning up and reorganizing. Saturday’s dolphin trip with Nowdla Keefe was a patience tester. By 19:00, we still had not seen any dolphins and many on the boat were giving up hope. But, the crew and I knew better; sometimes the dolphins make us wait and wait and just when we’re ready to give up, there they are! In that spirit, we first saw the dolphins at 19:16. At first, we observed a group of 5 adults, including Buster (#04) and Lumpy (#17). We were able to have a 15 minute swim with four dolphins: Nemo (#76), Leslie (#80, pictured here), and an un-ID’d adult and calf. Leslie and the calf stayed very close to one another and the people! Back on the boat, we saw many more dolphins, including Romeo (#10), Lil’ Jess (#35), Lone Star (#56), Trudy (#57), Tilly (#87), un-named #75 and 84 and several calves. Two un-ID’d adults rode the bow until 20:07! It was a great day! 

Until next time,