Mixed Species Day!

Bimini 2010_T20_ID69On Wednesday, the conditions were perfect in Bimini for an unexpected dolphin trip. The water was so calm and glassy; we could see cushion stars on the sea floor as we passed by! We searched for the dolphins for awhile and finally we saw them! At first we saw a handful of bottlenose dolphins, but they were clearly just passing through. The next group, however, was made up of 13 dolphins and there was a mix of bottlenose and spotted with the majority of them being males (or should we say, all those we were able to confirm were male). The dolphins, particularly the spotteds, appeared to be very interested in the SCUBA divers and their cameras, and the SCUBA divers seemed pleased with the footage they were able to record. So far, we have been able to confirm that bottlenose ID#06 was there, along with spotted dolphins Split Jaw (#22), Prince William (aka Billy, #64), Tim (#69, pictured here) and Speedy (#78). Overall it was a great day!  

Memorial Day weekend is a big weekend here in Bimini for US tourists. We’ll see if that equals dolphin trips for us! 

Until then,

Kel & Tara