Dolphin trip opens with….sharks?

 Today’s dolphin trip began with a shark swim for the guests. I enjoyed the show from the boat, while scanning the sea for passing dolphins. None came through, but soon we were cruising to “the dolphin grounds.” The seas were calming down, which made it easier to see the two adult Atlantic spotted dolphins of the day. I wasn’t able to recognize the two individuals from the boat, but perhaps I’ll find matches in the catalog. They weren’t too keen on staying by the boat or the swimmers, yet somehow every time we thought they were gone, they would appear again!


Shortly after, we saw an active group of bottlenose dolphins. One was swimming circles around 2 swimmers for what seemed like ages. Another was leaping out of the water repeatedly. A great show! Unfortunately, light was low and the sea was still a little choppy, so we’ll see if I was able to get any photo-ID worthy shorts.

Another trip tomorrow,