Back to Bimini….Back on the Boat

Bimini 2009 T62_C5 seaweedAfter some time away, I returned to Bimini just in time for a dolphin trip. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to prepare the MVA, but I took advantage of the chance to take some still photographs for our ID catalog. A group of 7-8 Atlantic spotted dolphins were soon seen just off the bow! In this group were Swoosh (#36), un-named #25 and this as-of-yet un-ID’d adult, all with what appeared to be their own calves. Un-named #91 was also in the group and all of the dolphins were playing each other and the plentiful seaweed.  



On the way home we also got a chance to watch White Blotch (#29), her older calf (#94) and an un-ID’d adult ride the bow for 6 minutes. There is another trip tomorrow; I can’t wait! 

Until then,