Dolphin Trip #60!

Today’s surprise dolphin trip was the 60th of 2009! At first glance, I thought the sea conditions were going to result in a bumpy ride, but I was pleasantly surprised. We had to be patient today as we waited for the dolphins. First, we saw two spotteds and I believe Tina (#14) was one of them. They were surfing the small swells though and did not show any interest in the dolphin boat. Shortly after that we saw another group of dolphins. This time it was two bottlenose dolphins, but soon we realized that there were several spotteds with them. I think that un-named #79 may have been there, but am sure that Lone Star (#56) was. It was great to see her! Unfortunately, the underwater visibility was uncharacteristically poor and the dolphins were on the move, so we did not get any underwater observations. I’ll be waiting until next time! 

Until then,