A hot day, a quick encounter, and a very young calf

Today was a hot one!  We left the harbor right at 1600 and were off to find some dolphins.  The boat ride out was a rather calm one with lots of flying fish to keep us company along the way.  We stopped at 1724 to jump in the water and cool off so we could continue the search.   Sightings in the last few trips have been kind of late so when we hadn’t seen any dolphins by 1800 we weren’t worried.  Then, all of a sudden, right at the bow of the boat a group of 8 dolphins showed up including Tina (#14), Stefran (#82), a dolphin we think could have been Cerra (#38) and un-named #43.  But the most excitement came when a very young calf, which Kel estimates at just a couple months old, was spotted within the group.  We followed them in the boat for about 15 min before attempting an encounter.  The first encounter attempt was at 1824 and without dolphins in view.  So, everybody climbed back on the boat and we went to find the dolphins again.  They were spotted a short time later at 1839 and the guests were put back in the water to try again.  This time they caught a couple fly by glimpses before the dolphins took off again!  This time they were gone for good and so were we.  The boat pulled into the harbor at 2003.  The next trip is scheduled for Saturday. 

Hoping for more underwater time with the dolphins next trip!

Vicki, Alexis, and Kel