Just Kidding!

We’ve been spending our time on land getting lots of data processed, including still photos, general video logging, pec fin contact logging and data entry. After a few days on land, we were ready to be on the boat. It was nice and breezy for today’s dolphin trip.  We pulled out of the harbor and were on our way around 1615.  Thanks to the wind there were decent waves, which made for an interesting boat ride out.  The bottlenose showed up around 1756 and we were able to watch them from the boat for about 15 min before they were on their way.  We continued on course and came across at least six spotteds at 1854, including Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), possibly Niecey (#48) and un-named #43.  This is where the fun began!  We got in the water at 1903 and they all took off!  So we all got back on the boat and followed them until 1919 when we got in the water again.  They, again, took off almost as soon as we entered the water as if to say “just kidding” and we again got back on the boat. It looked like this time they were gone for good so we continued to go back to the harbor.  We got back around 2014, with two sightings and two encounter attempts to show for the day. Hopefully next time they’ll swim with us! 

More updates after our next trip,


Vicki, Alexis and Kel