Small glimpse of rain, small glimpse of dolphins

Today started out pretty promising seeing bottlenose dolphins early on in our trip. We saw 2 at 1702 not too far off from shore and Kel got to take some shots of their dorsal fins. After seeing the bottlenose our spirits were lifted and we were on a search for more dolphins. We headed further out and after about an hour and a half of no sightings we decided to take a swim break to cool off and regroup. After our little break we turned back around and headed in toward shore a little, hoping we would find some more dolphins. Meanwhile, in search of more dolphins we got to see a water spout (a water tornado) form but (luckily) not make complete contact with the ocean, which helped keep us on our toes when things were looking down. An hour or so after our swim break, with rain looming right in front of us, we were about to give up on finding more dolphins when out of nowhere two spotteds appeared!!! At 1940, we saw Niecey (#48) and her calf (#92) and watched them bow ride with us for almost 15 minutes. The guests hopped in for a short encounter, while we (Kel, Alexis, and Vicki) stayed on the boat. After everyone was back on board we continued in toward shore and the dolphins stayed with us for another 5 minutes. 

Next boat trip isn’t for a couple days, but hopefully we will have nice weather and lots of dolphins! 

Alexis, Vicki, and Kel