Spotteds, bottlenose and spotteds again!

Bimini 2009 Lil Dot ID94What a great final day for this dolphin week! On Thursday, we saw some dolphins just after 1700. It was a group of 4 youngsters, including un-named #84, who were playing with each other and seaweed. In the distance we could see several other dolphins, but they did not approach the boat. We observed the young group under water for over 20 minutes until two older dolphins cruised through and appeared to lead the young dolphins away. Back on the boat we renewed our search and quickly came upon a group of 5 bottlenose dolphins. I recorded a little bit of underwater video, but they didn’t stay close for too long. 

For me, the most exciting part of the day was our final sighting. Swoosh (#36) and her male calf were there, along with another young male, White Blotch (#29) and her previously un-cataloged female calf. We first saw this calf (affectionately called ‘Lil’ Dot’) just a few weeks after her birth in 2004. Until now, this calf has had no re-identifiable markings, so we have not been able to add her to the catalog. That changed today! Everyone, meet 5-year old DCP ID#94 – welcome! I look forward to many more years of observing her! 

Until next time, Kel