Dolphin sugar-rush?

Wednesday’s trip again included an extended snorkel stop and lunch for the guests. On our way, we were treated to some bottlenose which we observed from the boat. I have yet another folder of pictures to sort through! At one point in our afternoon of searching, we came across a group of adults, including Lumpy (#17) and un-named #75, both adult males. Lil’ Jess (#35) was also on the periphery of this group, with a fresh, but relatively shallow injury to the right side of her peduncle. Since we saw her yesterday, we know the injury occurred in the last 24 hours. The group was traveling quickly so we did not get to see them under water. As our search continued, some had given up hope. But, late in the day we saw a large group of dolphins (over 15). It appeared that there was a group of adults staying further away from the boat, and a group of 9 juveniles who were in a very fast-paced play mode. The passengers enjoyed the high-energy swim and I was able to record over 15 minutes of video. 

Tomorrow is the last trip for this group. So, until then,