Calves and seaweed games!

Monday’s dolphin trip began with an extended snorkel stop for boat guests at the Bimini Road (aka Atlantis). I stayed on board, keeping my eyes peeled for the possible passing dolphin group, but saw none. Soon, we headed to “the dolphin grounds” where we came upon a group of what appeared to be 4 mother calf pairs, including un-named #25. As we were getting ready to get in the water, bottlenose joined the group with lots of aerial displays. We did not see them under water, but by the end of the day I filled thBimini 2009 Juliette ID012e MVA’s tape and recorded Juliette (#12, pictured here, photo credit: K. Mueller) and her calf (#93), Lone Star (#56) and her calf, likely Niecey (#48) and her calf (#92), un-named #43 and lots of Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Tina (#14) and Lil’ Jess (#35). There was lots of seaweed games and at the end of the day the group brought by several young calves, including one with clear fetal folds!! We also saw a school of triggerfish and a large turtle that the dolphins ignored. 

More boat time tomorrow,