A great little Sunday

Bimini09_Tt from shoreAs I boarded the boat today, I jokingly asked the captain, “Can we please see dolphins early today?” Well, wouldn’t you know – bottlenose dolphins about 30 minutes into the trip! We observed the group for over an hour and the still camera’s memory card was filled. There will be a lot of photo sorting to do… 

Later in the day, we observed a group of four adult Atlantic spotted dolphins. They weren’t terribly interested in us or the boat (perhaps they had something more pressing on their schedule), but I was able to ID un-named #43. After a very quick underwater glimpse it was back to the boat. It seemed as soon as we dried off there were more dolphins in our sights. This time, we got to see White Blotch (#29) and her un-named calf (nickname: Lil’ Dot). Lil’ Dot is beginning to get her first belly spots and I am hopeful that we will be able to collected underwater video or a still photo before she leaves the security of mom. Today, she gave us a quite the bowride show…. 

Until next time, Kel