Brief bottlenose, lots of spotteds!

Today’s dolphin trip was hot and calm – just the way I like it! Not far from shore, we saw a group of about 7 bottlenose dolphins. They were very uninterested in the boat, so we had our quick glimpse and continued in search of Atlantic spotted dolphins. We had to wait a little while, but then, we saw them… BIM09_female calf w dsl scar

It was a group of four dolphins, but I only recognized one. It is a young female who was first observed on 9 June. Here, in a picture taken on 9 June, you can see the major scarring to her dorsal fin. I’ll tentatively add her to the catalog, but she won’t officially be in until I get a clearer sense of what the final scar will look like. I definitely added to our underwater video and acoustic data for this one though! She was full of whistles…. 

Once we were back on the boat, we quickly came upon a mating ball of Atlantic spotteds. In this group were Romeo (#10) and Billy (#64). We didn’t want to interrupt their activities, so we continued on our way – thinking that we had our dolphin fill for the day. But, no! Soon there was a group including mother calf pairs. Trudy (#57) and un-named #25 were definitely there with their calves, but I also suspect that Juliette (#12) and her calf were there. And, we got a glimpse of Leslie (#80) and Tilly (#87) as they rode the bow. It was a great day! 

Until next time,