A few days away from dolphin work

Bimini May 09 vet clinic

I spent the end of last week away from dolphin work and volunteered at the local vet clinic. Bimini has no resident veterinarian, so the pet owning community relies on visiting vets to meet their pet care needs. In addition to wellness visits, the vet team tried to encourage spays and neuters, although many people on Bimini do not yet see the value of this. But, they were up to the challenge and sterilized 14 animals, including the chow pictured here. Everyone on Bimini is grateful for the time taken by the vet to visit, the funds donated (local gov’t, Proud Paws and Palmdale Vet Clinic), local volunteers in organizing and assisting, and the Bimini pet owners for such a positive response.  

Until next time,