Video logging, passenger talks & two boat trips later…


 It’s been a busy two days here in Bimini.  Monday & Tuesday mornings were spent logging video – this is the process by which we review video data & note which dolphins are in view at any given moment.  It is a very time consuming process, but it is the first step in almost any analysis – so we make sure to do it well once, so that other DCP researchers already know who they are looking at!  We are happy to report that the mystery spotted adult male hanging out with the bottlenose on Sunday was in fact…(drum roll please)…#75!    

We also spent some time talking with passengers about DCP’s work & their questions and had afternoon boat trips.  We’ve seen some bottlenose and some spotteds (Finn #09, Romeo #10, Tim #69, Stefran #82 and un-named #86).  We also saw the injured calf from 20 June – this injury is healing very well!  

More soon,

Kel, Tabby & Adam