Tabby & Adam are here!!

 The 2008 Bimini interns are here!  There wasn’t much time to settle in before they were thrown into the water.  Adam got his first chance to see the Bimini Road (aka Atlantis) & we all got a good look at a group of bottlenose and spotteds.  Again the spotteds made us wait until the very end of the day, but we were able to observe Lil’ Jess (#35), Cerra (#38), un-named #86, another C5 and a very young juvenile.  It was great for Tabby to get back in the water (she was here last July as well) and Adam had a great first day overall.  We’re very much looking forward to working together – and exploring Bimini. 

  Another boat trip tomorrow!

Kel, Tabby & Adam