A happy trip

After a short lunch break, it was time for the thing everyone has been waiting for:  the dolphin trip!  We left the dock shortly after 1500, stopping at the Bimini Road (aka Atlantis) for a quick snorkel.  Everyone did a great job and is very comfortable in the water.  Soon, we were in the dolphin grounds, but keeping an eye on some nasty squall systems in the distance.  Our captain first spotted a group of mating spotteds (about 18 animals).  They were busy doing their thing and moving too quickly for us to enter the water.  But, soon we saw more dolphins and everyone was able to get a quick, quality glimpse under water.  Today we saw Split Jaw (#22), Cerra (#38), Stefran (#82), un-named #25 (with calf?) and #86.  A great first day on the water!


Stay tuned tomorrow for stories about more than just dolphins….(ooo, is the suspense killing you?)


Until then,