A Good, Busy Week Ends with a Quiet Day

We first came upon the group of spotteds shortly before 1730.  We saw Tina (#14), Split Jaw (#22), Billy (#64), Nemo (#76), Leslie (#80) and un-named #78 and 87.  We also saw a first for me – at the same moment in the water, I was able to observe a known mother (#57), her offspring (#84, approximately 4 years old) and likely, her new calf!  The new calf was “clean,” meaning it had no spots, scars or other re-identifiable markings, so it cannot be added to our catalog.  It was so cool!  We also observed some peculiar behavior from the dolphin group toward #84.  They repeatedly placed their rostrums to her abdomen as they traveled to the sea floor, back to the surface, to the sea floor, etc.  It will be very interesting to review when I look at the video.  A big thanks to all of this week's passengers and new adoptive parents!

Today, Saturday, I’m catching up on some rest and preparing for the next dolphin week, which begins on Sunday.  This means catching you all up on this week’s sightings, charging the camera, organizing data sheets and other fun stuff like that.  Stay tuned for next week’s updates!

Until then,