A Rain-squall and lots of Lightning!

We resume our trip north.

The seas were still rough and at the limit of our ability, safety, and tolerance for entering the water to observe dolphins under water. The morning did not actually 'dawn', rather it seemed to slip into focus through the clouds and flashes of light. We hauled anchor around 10 AM and headed north. Five minutes after the rain stopped we saw dolphins – had them riding our bow. We saw 8 adults including #25 (Spade) and #60 (Sadie). Sadie is very pregnant. Hopefully we will see her with a new calf next summer. They swam around us a bit after we joined them … but not for long. We dropped anchor at the little navigational wreck and had an afternoon shark sighting. We could not identify it to species because it was too far from the boat. We did remain vigilant in our watches for the afternoon though. Late afternoon brought an interesting sighting … a large jack with many small ones all around it. At first we thought it was a fish fight, but we soon realized that the large fish was a female and the smaller ones male. This was fish mating (or at least an attempt!) that we witnessed. Early evening brought 6 spotted dolphins heading NE slowly. They seemed to check out the fish at the wreck but kept their course. We all politely asked them to return tomorrow. We shall see what happens. Cheers Kathleen