Last day at Sea for Trip #3

It is easy to tell the difference between sharks and dolphins – the former don't come to the surface to breathe! Actually, the nurse shark was not interested in us. A few of us were snorkeling and checking out the seagrass bottom … which was quite different from the white sand of our previous anchorage. Here, there were lots of conch and helmet shells as well as sand dollars and seabiscuits. A nice change from the stark landscape of the northern area of our study site. We also had a few bottlenose dolphin sightings. They were not much interested in us under water but did enjoy bowriding and stern wake riding. We did not see any more spotted dolphins this day but we can hardly complain after the fantastic week we had observing the dolphins in the area. Half way to port, we stopped to take a swim break. It is hard to believe that there are spots out here in the Sargasso Sea that are white sand and only 15 feet deep. But, it is true. And, they make for great swim-break spots. Especially on a hot and sunny day. We arrived to port at about 6 pm. Tonight we did the trip summary and watched some video. I'll provide the summary for all of you in tomorrow's entry. Cheers Kathleen