Delayed return from Bimini

More time to Chat and brainstorm ideas

Last night, I chatted with Xenia about her data collection and we also discussed the protocol. One of the things we will look for, when Xenia visit DCP's office, is any matches between the photos for identification used around Bimini and those we have gathered north of Grand Bahama Island (GBI). If there are matches, this information will give us an idea about the range and distribution of spotted dolphins in the Bahamas. I was glad for the opportunity to chat with Nowdla and Melany and a few other folks on Bimini – about the dolphins and other potential programs related to the research. But also we spoke about potential education programs to share what we learn about the dolphins with the kids on the island (and the adults, too). I also got to play with Xenia's two calico cats. She had saved them after their mom died. Neat and very playful critters. My flight to Bimini was uneventful on Chalk's … I love the seaplane! And my flight (two hours later) from Miami to Freeport went well, too. Our passengers for DCP's Trip 3 (for 2001) arrive tomorrow. Cheers Kathleen