A day of video

Yesterday was spent in front of the TV, logging past video.  It takes so much longer to go through each tape than it does to record it!  That is why it is so easy for the tapes to build up.  I’m confident that I’ll get through it all before I leave in September.    Today was an afternoon dolphin trip.  We left the dock at 1604 and by the time we were nearing the north tip of the island the white caps & swells were in full swing.  The Bimini Undersea passengers were good sports, but it was the dolphins we thanked by the end of the day.  At 1643 they appeared, allowing us to stay close to Bimini.  First it was two mother/calf pairs but soon there were at least 22 dolphins – possibly as many as 30.  We had two great water entries and saw – are you ready for this list of dolphins? – Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Split Jaw (#22), White Blotch (#29), Billy (#64), Lone Star (#56), Nemo (#76), Leslie (#80), and un-named #57, #78, #79 & #84.  Whew!  They were everywhere!    With two great swims behind us and the winds showing no sign of dying down, we headed to the dock early.  But, it was a great day!  Now there will be a lull in dolphin trips until next weekend, giving me plenty of time to tackle video.    Until next time,  Kel