Happy Independence Bahamas!

Today is the 34th anniversary of Bahamian independence.  While locals were partying, we departed a bit early to head straight to the “dolphin grounds.”  At 1706, everyone took a “swim break.”  Kel stayed on the bow & at 1710, called to the captain because there were 2 dolphins right there!  This is probably only the second time a swim break has turned into an encounter, but it was cool!  The animals present were mom & calf pair, #57 & 84 (respectively).  They gave the group a few good looks before heading off….    With our impromptu swim behind us, we continued to search for dolphins.  At 1823, we observed a larger group (~10 animals) far from the boat.  We changed direction & headed their way.  Again, we were able to get in the water, this time with Buster (#04), Niecey (#48), unnamed #86 and about 4 calves.  The dolphin group picked up just enough speed for us to no longer be able to keep up.  So, everyone was back aboard the boat before passengers had an opportunity to “tow” behind the boat at about 2 knots.  We researchers stayed on the bow & observed quite a show with dolphins surfing, mating & leaping all around.    Trip #26 tomorrow!    Until then,  Tabby & Kel