Weekly presentation day

Today was a good, long day….We began with our phone link to the aquarium.  It has been great to see that theater filling with more people every week!  After finishing up some field reports, we had time for a quick lunch at CJ’s deli before preparing for, and delivering, our weekly presentation for Bimini Undersea guests.  We call it a presentation, for lack of a better word, but really it usually becomes a wonderful roundtable discussion.  This week’s passengers are from all over the world, with different backgrounds & connections with the dolphins.  But, their enthusiasm for the animals is the same.    After about an hour & 45 minutes, it was time to rush to the boat.  The trip began with a snorkel stop to “3 Sisters” where Tabby was able to get her fill of sea fans!  At 1741 we first saw the spotteds.  In 28 feet of water, we were able to enter the water with Lone Start (#56), Leslie (#80), unnamed #85, 4 calves and a few others who may be able to be ID’d in the video.  After the swim, it was back to the dock – for a rare on time (2030) return.    More trips all week!  Until then,  Kel & Tabby