Start of the

Day 1 of the Dolphin Week was a success – well, sort of.  We met with the passengers at 1330 before leaving the dock at 1530.  Before we could even get to our snorkel stop at Rainbow Reef, we were able to get a few quick glimpses of five bottlenose dolphins.  Hopefully Kel was able to get a few good ID shots, but we’ll see.  The bottlenose made brief appearances a few more times today, but it was the spotteds who made a last minute, sunset appearance.  The passengers were able to get in the water for about 5 minutes, but with the very low light conditions, Kel stayed aboard the boat to get an accurate count of the animals – 2 adults (Cleopatra #41?!?!) and 4 calves.  So with that, it was back to the boat.    Until tomorrow,  Tabby & Kel