Diesel is back!

The island is back in action as both fuel boats arrived today.  So, it was back aboard Bimini Undersea’s Adventurer for dolphin trip #21.  It was another good day, beginning with some relatively fast moving adults.  We followed them, getting to watch one chase a mackerel and successfully catch it!  It then carried it around for over 2 minutes before, as far as I could tell, swallowing it.  The passengers got in the water as I attempted to get some surface photographs.  Shortly after, I decided to get in the water as well – and it was just in time!  A large (10+) group of mothers & calves came cruising through the group.  I think I was able to get some good shots of mothers & their curious offspring.    Now it looks like there will be a bit of a dry spell for boat time…Hopefully the weather next weekend will be beautiful and bring with it lots of American holiday walk-in passengers.  So, I’ll spend the week catching up on some reading & going through more of the spotted/bottlenose video data for my thesis work.    Until next time,  Kel