A long day

Today was long, but productive.  I did not get much underwater video data, but I did see Lil’ Jess (#35), Swoosh (#36), Juliette (#12) and possibly Tim (#69).  They didn’t stick around too long, but I was still excited from the bottlenose we saw at the start of the trip to be disappointed…I haven’t been able to go through all of the photos yet, but I did see at least 5 bottlenose that were added to DCP’s photo-ID catalog last summer!  FIVE!  The passengers may have been laughing at my enthusiasm, but never before have we been able to so definitively say that the same bottlenose dolphins repeatedly spend time in Bimini.  Now, we still have no idea of their range or exact residency pattern, but this is a clear indication of some level of site fidelity on their part, even if it is seasonal.  It’s the first step!    That was all during the morning trip!  The afternoon trip resulted in no spotted sightings, but we did see two bottlenose again.  The topside digital camera was getting lots of work today.    Tomorrow should be a day off and then another boat trip on Saturday.    Until next time,  Kel