Rough days continue

Yesterday the winds were northeast about 20 knots, so there was no dolphin trip.  I did the weekly presentation with the passengers and they had a few other activities to keep themselves busy.  I got caught up on some paperwork, although I know full well that “caught up” doesn’t last very long!    Today we held our second test call to the aquarium.  The real thing begins on Monday, 21 May, so for any of you folks who are in the Mystic, CT area, I’d love to “see” you there on Mondays & Wednesdays throughout the summer!      Later in the afternoon we did have a dolphin trip, but the winds were still strong so we had to stay pretty close to the island and did not see any dolphins.  We got back to the dock about an hour early with passengers happy to see dry land again.  These weather patterns need to knock it off!    Tomorrow the plan is a morning trip & an afternoon trip….    Until then,  Kel