Preparing for field season 2006!!!

Does everyone else realize that it’s May already??!!!  How did this happen?  Well, I’m not sure that “April showers bring May flowers” applies to Anchorage, Alaska, but things are warming up and haven’t been busier.  I’m here making final preparations for the 2006 field season and Darcie is in Connecticut doing the same.  I depart Anchorage on Saturday 6 May and arrive on Bimini on Sunday.  Darcie arrives 28 May.    There is a new addition to the Bimini field season this year–Alaska Pacific University’s course Ecology of Coastal Ecosystems.  Taught by Dr. Leslie Cornick, this year’s course will focus on the ecology of coastal cetaceans–the Bimini Atlantic spotted dolphins!  DCP is excited about this new collaboration and Kathleen is serving as co-instructor.  That means she’ll be in Bimini next week too!      Ok, I better go.  There is so much to do!    Until Bimini,  Kel