Bottlenose from the boat

Today’s boat trip included a snorkel stop at beautiful “3 Sisters,” a favorite of ours.  But, before we reached this destination, we saw a group of 10 bottlenose dolphins.  Since the passengers had already seen quite a bit of the bottlenose, and another tour boat had been with this dolphin group for some time, we decided to continue on.  Although we never did see dolphins again, it was a great day out at sea.  Some day we’ll figure out exactly what the spotteds are doing on days when they can’t seem to be found (or don’t want to be!).    After the afternoon on the boat, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out, overlooking the marina.  We dined on conch chowder, a Bahamian specialty; Darcie had the white & Kel had the red.  It was fabulous.  We realized how sleepy we were when later we fell asleep mid-conversation!    Another trip tomorrow!  Until then,  Kel & Darcie